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App Review: Looloo

"Looloo is a review and place discovery social networking application for iOS and mobile site based in the Philippines. Launched in November 21, 2012, its primary function is to allow users to explore and discover restaurants, bars, hotels, salons, spas, and other places of interest through crowd-sourced reviews layered with the social dimension of being able to follow, recommend, and credit other users."
 - Wiki

I supposed Wiki pretty well explained already what this app is all about. I heard this app somewhere from a friend in facebok or twitter. I immediately downloaded it upon hearing its good. well, yes. It definitely is. Its a good app if you have a lot of wanderers, food trippers, and globe-trotter friends and you wanted to learn about the places they visited or the food they ate or even the experience they have at that particular place. Looloo App is a quick and easy review of places, that is ofcourse, a great help just incase you are about to step in an awful resto! :P This app is very helpful if you want some recommendations near you. I love how I easily get an idea about a place I just heard about.

The Truth About Stretch Marks

Do you have one? I have one. Then what exactly is a stretch mark? The official name for stretch marks in dermatology is stria, and it’s a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. Stretch marks are caused by lots of different things, and they don’t all look exactly the same. If you’ve got some stretch marks on your bod, you should definitely not feel alone — they affect as many as 90 percent of all women. The bad news is that they aren't that easy to get rid of. The good news is, though? There are lots of things you can do to try to diminish them if you really want to.

The most important thing to remember is that stretch marks aren’t serious. If you’ve never seen them before and are just noticing them, they might seem a little weird and freak you out, but they’re completely normal and happen to most everyone, so there’s no need to stress. Don’t freak out, this is totally normal. Stretch marks happen to every woman, regardless of their shape or weight. It’s especially normal for your age: stretch marks are a typical part of puberty, which means that there are a ton of girls out there dealing with the same exact thing.

Before we can get into how to get rid of stretch marks, it’s helpful to know exactly what they are. Stretch marks happen when your skin stretches (thus, the name) because of a rapid weight gain or loss – which happens a lot during puberty. It especially happens when a girl’s breasts start to develop and grow. Since you’re 14-years-old and recently started your period, your breasts probably grew up to a 36C pretty quickly. That’s exactly where the stretch marks came from – the skin on your breasts stretching. When they first appear, stretch marks are usually a reddish or purple color, and are a different texture than the rest of your skin. Typically, stretch marks fade and get lighter over time, and become less noticeable. Unfortunately, that can take a while.

How To: Beach Hair for Summer

There are a lot of things I love about the beach, and one of them is how my hair looks whenever I’m there. The salt water makes my hair wavy and curly, and it’s perfect for summer nights. Actually, it’s perfect year-round, but it’s difficult to achieve that look without going in the ocean, esp if you live in the city, so… the next best thing is DIY beach waves!

If your hair is naturally wavy, you can get beach waves really easily simply by using a good beach waves spray and letting your hair air-dry – that’s what I do. But if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, getting that effortless summer look is a little more difficult. Luckily, there’s Pinterest, where you can find lots of different hair hacks, tips and tricks on how to get beach waves anytime of the year. These are great whenever, but are especially perfect for the spring and summer weather. Want to get the look? Check these few tips and tricks I gathered round the net! :)

1. DIY beach waves spray!

Fitspo - Fit Inspiration

We all know that thinspo–thin inspiration–is a controversial internet phenomenon in which girls are inspired to lose weight by looking at photos of skinny women with thigh gaps. Bones are beautiful, starvation becomes a weight loss technique and eating disorders often come with the territory.

But a movement built around aspirating to become fit and healthy shouldn’t be compared to something so destructive, right?

Wrong, unfortunately.

I know I’m not alone in this, but whenever I see fitspo–fitness inspiration–slogans and imagery on Tumblr, Facebook or other social media networks, I start to feel really uncomfortable. It’s not inherently bad to be inspired to have a healthier lifestyle. For anyone who has struggled with weight or health issues, developing better eating habits and an exercise routine and having a community online to motivate you can be really amazing. So I am not of the belief that fitspo is simply thinspo with abs.
But, for the most part, fitspo seems to be thinspo with abs. And it really gives me the creeps.

Here are my top three problems with fitspo:

1) It claims to be about health when in reality it still subscribes to the idea that healthy looks a certain way.

I wasn’t aware that having a balanced diet and exercising were the same as striving for defined abs and a crop top ”acceptable” body. But if you look at the fitspo tag on Tumblr, you’ll be inundated with flat stomachs and razor sharp hip bones with the occasional sports bra thrown in. In this way, I think that fitspo is even more dangerous than thinspo because it operates under the guise of health despite the fact many elements of it can be so destructive.
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