Fluffy friends and fluffy hearts

I've been raised with dogs around me ever since I can remember, well, not just dogs but German Shepherd  Dogs. It's quite fascinating how these little creatures who knows nothing but loves you can make the whole world a lot warmer. Like little babies, they filled each home with joy and lots of love.

Here's some photos of me with my not-so-little babies :)

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This is Pepay!
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And this is Shadow!

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...And that's me, Paw Mommy! :)

I've been so busy growing up and building my own family, not minding that they're also getting old.. I'm away from home when I received a call, that they're already running free with the creator. Each night, each darn night I cried myself to sleep, wishing for one more day to play with them, one more hug, one more kiss.. :'(

Since then, I find it hard to adopt a pet again, my family think so as well. I do not like the feeling of being left. It's hard, it's crazy, it's... tristful. But when I went home, back to my dear province, look who welcomed me home! New Fluffy friends! And I took a photo of us right away! I know, I know, my family cannot stand a home without pets, without dogs! ;-)

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor
Low light environment? No problem! Taken at night with very poor lighting! But who could have thought? I have the best welcome home photos with 'em!
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Hello baby, look at the cam oh! :P
And because I am raised with such fondness for little paws, I can't help but raise my kiddo as well with so much love for our fluffy friends.. and with that, help me welcome the youngest member of our family, Olive Oil. :)

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Olive Oil - a month old.
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Olive Oil - 3 months old.

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My Kiara Banana with our little Olive Oil. :)
Here I am now, a paw mommy again to our little Shih Tzu. Man, she poops and pee everywhere - in my closet, at the bed, in the sofa - name it. But it's okay, this little fella is not just a fluffy friend, she's a fluffy family member. And this goes out to all of my doggies, they're all  my family. And like what the good old saying says, "A DOG IS THE ONLY THING ON EARTH, THAT LOVES YOU MORE THAN THEY LOVE THEMSELVES" - and I, knows how true this statement is. They have the biggest heart that could fit this whole cold world and make it warm. They love you with no conditions, they're loyal, and they're always there for you. They might not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Like Olive, you scold her and she'll give you the most "forgive-me-mommah-pleeasssse-look" that I cannot resists! Haaaaaaay, mapapakamot ka na lang! ;-)

And yes by the way, who knows that the only thing that makes her so excited to go to Baguio City is because of.... this Saint Bernard Dog that she saw on TV being allegedly tortured to behave such way for touristy purposes. She even asked Kuya - the handler - if that is true, kuya then said it is not, and that Saint Bernards are really polite and carefree dogs. So nothing to worry! And because of that confirmation, here's a photo of my Kiara Banana with the famous SB of Baguio City! :)

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Hello Bernard, camera shy, eh?

Image result for oppo selfie expert F1And with all those and these sweet memories, who could afford to lose them? Good thing my Oppo F1 Selfie Expert is here to stay. Helping me create the best photos for me to cherish. Best for unexpected lowlight moments you need to capture, and giving you out the best natural beauty possible! (No need for photoshop or editing apps beshies)
Their time is limited, but we have the option to make it unlimited - and have them in our hearts - and phone forever.  How about you, who helps you save the best moments you have with your furr babies? Let me know! :)
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